Breakout Sessions | Day 2 | 2:00 – 2:50pm

01 May 2018
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Breakout Sessions | Day 2 | 2:00 – 2:50pm

Intro to Case Story | Salt River 5

Join us for an introduction to Case Story, a module within Ipro’s new Case Director 360. Learn how Case Story can help you build a case strategy by building a chronology with all your key facts and its related issues, evidence and witnesses in order to prepare for a deposition or trial.

The Sedona Conference | Session: Preparing for and Responding to Internal and Government Investigations |Salt River 6

Are you ready if the regulator comes knocking? Are you prepared to help your organization or your clients traverse intense investigations? Will you be able to jump into action instead of scrambling to formulate a plan? The scope and pace of internal and government investigations often exceed litigation and require detailed and specific solutions. Come discuss the latest best practices to not only respond to, but successfully conclude investigations.

The Continuous Improvement Engine and Building a Culture of Engagement - David Veech | Showroom

In this presentation, we will review the factors that contribute to an organization’s culture. We will discuss ways to change that culture by applying the principles of operational excellence and discuss the expected employee and leader behaviors associated with a variety of different culture types. We’ll describe the specific behaviors we want to cultivate, the tools that will allow us to support and reinforce those behaviors, and the overall impact all these moving parts likely have on the organization.  We’ll end up talking about a specific system that promotes and develops problem solving skills in all employees (including leaders!) that is relatively easy to launch and yields excellent results. This will be a high energy, interactive presentation that will provide practical tools participants can use immediately when they return to their workplaces.

Fastest Way to Prioritize Your Review | Quail D-E

Preparing for a document review can be stressful. This hands-on lab session will focus on visual and advanced search strategies and other approaches to batching high priority documents into review.

Understanding ADD Imaging | Red Bird J-K

Review is up and running and to prepare for production; it’s a great time to start getting your images created for production. Join us in this hands-on session and participate in an open discussion on learning some best practices and pitfalls to avoid when running ADD Imaging jobs.

Running a Complex Production | Dove H-I

This session is to go over best practices for running a production and production setup, how productions are run in Case Director and different options you can use to export production documents. In this hands-on session review re-producing documents, re-numbering, and endorsing and exporting different types of production files.

Let's Talk SQL | Quail F

The SWAT team will go over SQL setup, configuration and long-term maintenance. Maintaining and optimizing SQL environments is key as database volumes increase.

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